How To Cure Scabies Naturally At Home

Scabies is caused by a tiny mite which burrows its way under the skin, causing intense itching and irritation. It is very unpalatable, as living with the knowledge that you have tiny creatures living under your skin is very unpleasant indeed! If you would like to know how to cure scabies naturally at home, this is certainly a worthwhile option to consider, specifically because it avoids the use of the insecticides which are used as part of the conventional treatments.

Scabies is a very contagious condition which is passed by skin to skin contact. This means it is particularly common in schools and nursing homes. If just one family member is showing symptoms, the whole family must still be treated.

One way to cure scabies naturally at home is to use tea tree oil. Make a mixture of one part tea tree oil with witch hazel and apply this with damp cotton wool all over the affected areas, allowing it to dry for 10 minutes before wearing any clothing. You can also add neat tea tree oil directly to a warm bath, adding around 20 drops to the average sized bath. Another alternative which is particularly gentle for children is to mix one part sulfur with nine parts petroleum jelly and apply to the skin. This should be left for a minimum of 30 minutes before wiping and washing off.

When discovering how to cure scabies naturally at home, you must not forget to clean all soft furnishings, bedding and towels as these are all likely to be contaminated with the mites. Wherever possible, wash at a minimum of 50 degrees. Anything which cannot be washed should be sealed in large plastic bags and left for at least 72 hours, after which time the mites will have perished.

Regardless of your treatment of choice, you need to be patient. With both conventional and natural treatments to cure scabies at home, further applications are often necessary and it can take a couple of weeks for all the itching to subside. It may also be necessary to re-wash the soft furnishings and, of course, the bedding.

There are various other methods which can be used either in combination or isolation to treat scabies naturally. If you would like an extensive report which details home treatments which will eradicate scabies in just 24 hours, please see Natural Scabies Treatment.

If you would like to cure scabies naturally at home, this alternative method is an excellent and highly effective option to using strong insecticide treatments.

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