Some general tips to catch your husband cheating

“Help in catching my husband cheating” is a request of some women. Here I have some following tips to advice them about the way to catch her husband on her own. 

Follow The Clues That Are Always There: Often, the “clues” that your husband is cheating start off with a sort of unsettling feeling that is new enough to get your attention.  This is how it starts. Nevertheless, people will often turn a blind eye or will stop paying attention because they are afraid of what they are going to learn.  If you really want to know the truth, you must follow up on every thing that makes you feel odd.  These feelings are the universe’s way of giving you a nudge and a whisper that something just might be amiss.

Ask yourself what things are causing alarm bells to ring off.  If he is telling you that he is constantly working late, then obviously, you want to know just where he is.  If he is spending a lot of inappropriate time on his cell phone and his computer (and he is very possessive or secretive about these things) then you must know exactly what he is doing on these things.  Follow this trial and it will often take you right to where (and how) he is cheating.  Many people make the mistake of seeing the clues but not following them.  You must follow them if you really want to know the whole and entire truth.

Find The Product That Matches What You Need To Know: There are countless products out there that will allow you to find out exactly what you need to know without much money.  It often comes down to a few choices.  You can follow his person (which will often risk your being caught) or you can follow the technology that he often uses to cheat and in turn, you will be a little safer and anonymous.  You will save some time by following exactly what you are noticing. For example, if he is guarding his cell phone like a buried treasure, do not begin by focusing on his car. Sure, you might well get lucky and hit pay dirt with the car, but this is less likely.  The clues are telling you to follow the phone and that is what you should do.

There are plenty of low cost software packages that will give you total access to the phone (or computer’s) past history, content, back and forth messaging, sites visited, passwords, etc.  Even after the fact, you can read what was going on as if it were in real time. In addition, now that many cheaters will put the other woman’s number under a friend’s name. For example, let us say he is cheating with a woman named Amy. He will often put her information under a friend that you both know.  Therefore, if you see many calls from a mutual guy friend, you will not be alarmed.  If you see many repetitive numbers, make sure they are actually, to whomever he is listing.

Do not make Accusations until You Know everything: if you tell him that you think, he is cheating before you actually know for sure that he is, and then he is probably only going to tell you that you are wrong and then try to make you feel guilty that you even asked. After that, he will probably be much more careful and will not leave nearly as many clues for you to follow and track.  You are much better off waiting until you are able to obtain the answers to the questions.  If you are wrong and he is in fact not cheating, then you will get that answer too and he does not have to know that you doubted him.  However, if you are right, then you really do deserve to know the truth.



I was in this same situation a short time ago. I tried to confront my husband too soon, before I had proof, and of course he denied everything. I tried to believe him, but the doubts remained. I decided that I really wanted to know the truth, no matter what that truth was. I learned how to get concrete information and proof that my husband thought that he had hid and erased. Once I presented this to him, he had no choice but to come clean. You can read my very personal story at

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