General Tips To Make Money To Support Fish

In recent years, the market price of conventional fish continue to drop, and sometimes even close to cost price, slip fish farmers lose money, for the production of the following suggestions:

 First, pollution-free culture. Access system with the implementation of pollution-free agricultural products, pollution-free production of aquatic products will also be people’s attention.

 Second, a reasonable set of support. In general, as more trash fish pond in the wild, they are clashing with the main marine fish, fight oxygen. In this case, if the pool in the intensive support high economic value and reasonable set of fierce fish, both wild trash fish pond eradication, but also further enhance the economic benefits of fish pond. To blackfish, for example, sets of support size of 100 mu g / End of the snakehead 30, snakehead of the harvesting rate of 70%, the year of the commercial fish size can grow to 2 to 3 kg / tail, can produce black fish per mu adults 40 to 50 kg, 12 yuan / kg basis, the pond can increase the income per mu is about 500 yuan.

 Third, strengthen the daily management. As the saying goes: “Three raising, seven in charge.” Species xiatangji from sales through to the pond, daily breakfast, evening should Xun Tang, observe fish activity and feeding is normal. In the hot season, rainy days, air pressure is low, we should promptly start oxygen, prevent occurrence of floating head, pan-pool phenomenon. As temperatures rise, more and more food organisms in the pond is rich in water easily changes, to properly regulate water quality. Generally every 10 to 15 days into a small amount of fresh water, regular food court, tools and water disinfection.

 4, a balanced market. 5 to 6 months each year began fishing market. Thus, adults not only sell the best price, they loose a fish pond in the retention pond density.

 5, fish do not follow suit. Aquaculture species in the choice, do not look at money to support Sha variety we get at the market price according to the structure to determine breeding and aquaculture species.

 6, emphasis on new technology. For market demand, technology-intensive aquaculture of new species should be given priority. For example, high-yield farming catfish in the pond, grass carp breeding and other new technologies immunization.

 7, grass and fish. Intensive culture ponds in the current model, the feed costs account for about 80% of the entire production cost about some of the main support herbivorous fish, you can match some of the grass in the diet, so that farming can reduce the cost, but also to improve fish feeding structure, to achieve the purpose of promoting growth.

 8, large size stocking. For some cultured species (such as grass carp, blunt snout bream, carp, etc.), can be put to large-sized species of the ways to increase the pool size, thereby enhancing the economic benefits of pond fish.

 9, do preventive work on fish diseases. “Fish do not plague, the rich have fainted,” according to the characteristics of fish disease is difficult to detect, prevent fish diseases usual to do the work, not to have any chance.

 10, carefully selected feed. More in the breeding market downturn, the more we should use high-quality feed, or fish deterioration in health, disease prone.

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