Healthy Ways To Gain Muscle – 5 Health Tips To Gain Muscle

Healthy ways to gain muscle focus on methods that do not involve steroid usage, other strange drugs, exercises involving high risk of injury and so on. If you want to gain muscle without jabbing yourself in the bum and dosing yourself full of steroids, or if you don’t want to risk dislocating your shoulder doing some freaky exercise, then this article is for you.This article will reveal 5 healthy ways to gain muscle.

How to overload. This is a tougher topic when it comes to healthy ways to gain muscle. It is 100% true that you need to push your muscles beyond their comfort zone if you want to trigger growth. Unfortunately a lot of people lift way too much and end up injuring themselves. The best 2 precautionary measures I can advocate are to get a spotter, to help you while working out and to understand your body and its limits so you don’t go too far and injure yourself. After all, healthy ways to gain muscle are ways that do not involve you breaking a bone or dislocating a joint.

Eat healthy. An army marches on its stomach, and your muscles do the same. Without pumping your body with the required nutrition you will be unable to gain muscle. Nutrition however, is a strange thing and snacking on 3000 calories of sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks is very different from consuming 3000 calories of good carbs, oils, and proteins. Yes, good carbohydrates, good oils and proteins are all necessary components of your diet. A healthy and large diet is one of the healthy ways to gain muscle.

Rest sufficiently. You grow when you rest. Not while you lift weights, not while you run on the treadmill, but while you rest. You grow when you’re doing nothing on the couch, when you’re sprawled out on your bed. Therefore giving your body this time to grow is very important. There are specific hours when sleep is most effective. Optimize your rest by sleeping at these times and if possible with power naps at strategic times.

Warm up and stretch: A lot of body builders forget to do this or ignore it like it’s some old superstition. But warming up and stretching is good science and truly one of the healthy ways to gain muscle. Warming up primes the muscles and blood circulation in anticipation of an intense workout. This tunes the body into the right gear for your work out. Exercising on a stiff, cold body can cause injury and will also minimize the effectiveness of your work outs.

Supplement use: A lot of people think healthy ways to gain muscle and supplements don’t go together. This is untrue. Yes whole foods are great for you and must make up the bulk of your diet. These however, just don’t cut it at certain times. For instance, immediately after a work out, when nutrients are sucked up faster than toys in a store on Christmas eve, whole foods just can’t cope with the demand for nutrients. These are the times that supplements do exactly as their name suggests and supplement your whole food diet. Beware, the supplement industry because this is one of the healthy ways to gain muscle that certain companies may use to scam you out of your money. Make sure you only get supplements that truly work because a lot of stuff out there does nothing good for your body.

There are many healthy ways to gain muscle but this article focuses on overloading techniques, eating right, resting right, warming up and stretching and supplement usage.By following these simple tips you can gain some impressive muscle weight with minimal risk of injury or health complications. Hope you enjoyed this article on healthy ways to gain muscle.

Daniel Ferdinands (Fitness Fanatic)


I went from 54kg (119lbs) to 70kg (154lbs) of muscle. Its a body transformation that I am very proud of.


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