Eating For Health and Beauty

We all have those days when we wake up with puffy eyes and skin that looks a bit off. Maybe even had a pesky break out of pimples or patches of dry skin that won’t go away. These problems are often caused by something you ate or, believe it or not, something you didn’t eat. Our bodies are complex machines that need certain nutrients to keep us functioning at our best and it is so easy to forget that when we have so many food options that taste great, but unfortunately lack nutrition.

Although a complete lifestyle overhaul is a daunting task, there are some small changes that you can make on a day to day basis that will make a world of difference. Here are just 10 things you can do;

Eat fruit for morning and afternoon tea (don’t always go for the banana either – try a handful of blueberries, even frozen ones)
At lunch time go for the wrap or salad instead of the heavy bread roll
Eat rice or corn pasta instead of wheat pasta. You can even cut out the pasta all together and try blanched, finely shredded cabbage with your bolognaise. I promise you don’t even taste the cabbage!
Drink more water. If you don’t like straight water then try a spritzer with a squeeze of lemon juice or even a small dash of lemonade or orange juice
Try to go for at least a 20 minute walk everyday, even if it’s just around the block in your lunch break
When preparing your plate for dinner make it colourful- the more colourful vegetables you have the more variety of nutrients you are getting
Have a meat-free day at least once a week. There are lots of great vegetarian recipes on the web. Vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring! Buddy up with someone at work to help motivate each other, and even go for the walks with
Think a little bit about your appearance- do you need a haircut or manicure or could you do with a couple of new shirts? Feeling good will motivate you to keep going on the healthy path and try new things
Be kind to yourself, as a reward for “being good” treat yourself to something non-naughty food associated such as a massage or a trip to the movies

Hopefully these tips will help you stay motivated and stay healthy! Here is some further reading if you would like to know more about pimple treatment. If your focus is more on losing weight, you can find more information about a good weight loss diet here. Good luck, and good health!

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