Hair Loss Causes And Treatment And Tips For Faster Hair Growth

Hair loss as it is commonly understood is losing the hairs from the head. Medically, the hair loss refers to the baldness or alopecia. This is losing the hairs from the scalp in abundant quantity. Generally, losing 50-100 hairs per day can be considered as a normal physiological procedure as all those hairs can be replaced with new growing hairs. Hair loss becomes significant when one starts losing more than that figure of hairs a day.

Causes and Reasons of Hair Loss

Causes of abnormal hair fall

1.Major surgery- A person who has undergone a major surgery will have a period of vast hair loss which may sometimes require medical help to reverse.

2.Childbirth- Certain hormones, during pregnancy, sustain hair that are likely to fall out on a normal course. But after delivery, a lot of hair is lost as hair resumes the natural growth and loss cycle.

3.Thyroid disease- Hair fall is usual with thyroid disease or malfunction. But this kind of hair fall can be completely cured with proper treatment.

4.Cancer treatment procedures- Chemotherapy, indispensable in cancer treatment can promote hair thinning and breakage. The subject loses hair all over his body. When the treatment comes to an end, hair grows back.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatments are many in number, especially considering that today, there is more awareness and women as well as men are equally conscious regarding hair and hair loss. The treatments that are home based are suggestions of a good and balanced dietary plan to maintain a good equilibrium of skin and hair, to drink fluid, to wash hair few times a week with the right shampoo for your hair type, to oil less but to oil few times in a few months for nourishment and to have hair supplements of natural things in case necessary.

The treatments that involve hair gain or the treatments for hair loss, in other words, are hair supplements (vitamins, proteins and so on), hair medication (the last resort to hair gain, prescribed by a reliable and a good dermatologist/tricologist), hair massages that help in hair nurturing and hair tonics (like the Indian Shahnaz Hussain herbal tonic called Shatone for hair growth and vitality)and hair treatments at renowned and established hair salons, spas, centres and spa clinics as well.

Phytotherapy Hair loss

In some cases, the use of herbal remedies or home remedies may be useful against hair loss.

In general, treatment with medicaments appears to be more effective than natural treatment:

1.Green tea: According to some studies the consumption of green tea could reduce hair loss, no study has clearly come to prove conclusively its effectiveness.

2.Sprouted wheat: For use mainly in the form of wheat germ (>> see below under Home remedies). Effective against hair loss, only if due to a deficiency of certain nutrients (rare case).

3.Millet: Generally taken in form of capsules.

Tips to prevent hair loss

Here are some tips you could use to control hair loss.

1.Avoid using shampoos regularly.

2.Adhere to herbal hair care products as far as possible.

3.Be gentle and careful while combing or handling your hair to avoid breakage.

4.Add a lot of vitamins and proteins into your diet as it help to vitalize hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

5.Eat well, sleep well and drink plenty of water.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

1.A healthy diet rich in vitamins such as biotin, amino-acid, minerals and some trace elements help to strengthen and improve the hair quality, or in some cases (if linked to a deficiency of nutrients) to stop hair loss.

2.Try to avoid or reduce stress. Stress speeds up hair loss.

3.The application of some shampoo types (e.g. mild shampoos) or cosmetic products can retard hair loss and improve the hair quality.

4.Rinse well hair after applying shampoo.

5.A light and regular massage of the scalp can stimulate the blood circulation and maintain healthy hair. Ask for example your hairdresser to do this massage.

6.Wearing caps or hats does not cause hair loss, on the contrary, they may protect from the harmful effects of sun.

7.Avoid using a hair-drier, if possible dry hair in the open air.

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