Conserving Water in Your Daily Life

An on-site sewage facility (OSSF) inherently offers a conservative approach to water use.  OSSF systems provide wastewater treatment and, occasionally, wastewater disposal, generally back into the environment around the property.  Whether you have an on-site septic tank or an off-site sewer system, these tips assist in water conservation and environmental protection for your home or business.

How to Conserve Your Water

Consider Water Consumption During Construction.  If you’re building your home, take water conservation into consideration during the development process.  Consider using a smaller toilet tank to reduce wastewater.  Talk to your designer about insulating the water pipes to avoid unnecessary condensation.
Address Issues Immediately.  When the faucet starts to drip or the toilet requires a little fiddling, many of us will simply walk away.  These are environmental problems which will waste water until they’re mended.  Call someone in right away to keep from wasting your money and the earth’s water.
Use Water Appliances Efficiently.  If you have a dishwasher, always run when it’s full of dishes instead of just cleaning a few at a time.  If you have a washer, put in a full load before using it.  This can significantly cut back on your water waste.
Be Conscious of Your Water Consumption.  Whether you’re in the kitchen or the restroom, just being aware of how much water’s being processed can put a bit dent in your water consumption.  When brushing teeth or washing hands, don’t keep the water running; only turn it on to dampen the toothbrush/hands and rinse them.  Take short showers instead of filling the bathtub to the brim.

Re-use Water Filtration

An OSSF can treat wastewater so thoroughly that it can be recycled through the facility before proceeding with wastewater disposal.  When the wastewater gets to the sewage treatment process, it goes through multiple treatments to completely eradicate any waste.  In addition to recycling water through the property, the wastewater purification can send the clean water to nearby agriculture to lend nourishment.

If you’re interested in water conservation through your on-site sewage system, contact your Austin area OSSF firm.  Waste Water Solutions can help you construct, operate and maintain a functioning re-use wastewater system, helping you help the environment.

Meredi is a writer in Austin, TX. For more information on wastewater plants, schedule a consultation with an Austin wastewater management company.

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