Seven Tips To Lose Weight Says Marietta Dentist

The overweight and prevalence of obese people in the United States says Marietta Dentist, Kirk Kimmerling continue to grow despite all the literature that maps out the health consequences for being overweight.  Medical conditions; hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, cancer, stoke and even higher incidence of tooth decay are becoming a heavy burden on our health care system.  Instead of people changing the direction of their lives, some  Americans have embraced obesity as desirable.  Many others complain of feeling like a second class citizen because they are not as thin as a Victoria Secret model.  They claim our society has its values wrong. They ignore the fact that an accumulation of fat in you body knocks years off your life.  Fat contains carcinogens that are dangerous causing people to use the health care system more than if they were not obese.  The way to reduce weight is to decrease the caloric intake and to become more active.  Each of these require commitment and a change in lifestyle.  Many people are adverse to change, hence herein lies the problem.  Fortunately,  there is a way to control cravings without starvation. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but will shed pounds.  If you are committed, the plan can work.

The plan must be written down and posted to your refrigerator.

Number one is to complete a grocery list when you are not hungry.  Plan out the week’s healthy meals, and snacks.
Number two is to make sure you eat breakfast every day.  It’s a good time of day to get that necessary caloric intake.
Number three is to plan on exercising every day.  Walking is an excellent way to begin, and you can build up the distance slowly.  Find a buddy as committed as you.
Number four is to train yourself to eat less.  Trick your mind by serving meals on a smaller plate.  Try it, it works.
Number five is to have healthy snacks ready for when you have uncontrollable hunger pangs.  Granola bars, yogurts low in sugar, bananas, whole-grain cereals, nuts, microwave popcorn and berries are some good suggestions.
Number six is to buy complex carbohydrate whole-wheat pasta, breads, potatoes, and rice. This is more difficult for your body to digest and it releases energy slower, helping combat food cravings.
Number seven is to omit soft drinks, sports drinks, and any other sugary drinks from your diet.  Drink water or unsweet tea with and in between meals. It is shocking the number of calories that this alone can reduce.

Our bodies have a strong alarm system signaling us to eat, even when we shouldn’t.  Food cravings result from an imbalance between consumption and our internal system that regulates appetite.  The neurochemistry of the brain’s pathways involved in feeding are being researched by major pharmaceutical companies.  Although the issue of obesity is long from over, we do see promising research in ways to curb appetite and strong desires to overeat.

Since, America is leading the charge in weight gain, it is us that need to turn it around.  If you follow the seven steps above, you will shed some pounds.  It is time to  make a commitment to be part of the solution and plan out success.


Dr Kirk Kimmerling is a cosmetic dentist at Verde Pointe Dental Associates in Marietta, GA (near Kennesaw). He is a graduate of Emory University School of Dentistry and also has an undergraduate Chemistry degree from Emory. He has practiced dentistry for over 26 years. His mission is simple: Dr. Kirk Kimmerling is passionate about every patient’s dental health and strives to provide only the best treatment. He has an impressive, high-tech office helping him to achieve beautiful smiles.

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