How Nutrition and Supplements Effect the Health and Wellness of Your Body

Your body is the only thing that you have to live life too the full. It is a marvelous work of creation. It has certain needs which is its fuel. We must be aware if these needs. Did you know that you have billions of cells in your body which are dieing and reproducing themselves every day. These cells need the proper nutrition to enable them to function properly in the grand scheme of how your body functions.

The cell is the base building block and they need to communicate with each other. When there is a breakdown in the communication ability then your body does not function as it should. Although this is complicated and hard too understand It is imperative that we are aware of that need. The long and the short of it is that the communication system tells the rest of the body what is happening. It sends out messages like I am okay, or I hurt. These messages are sent to the brain and an appropriate response is initiated. When the I hurt message is sent then some or all of the systems of the body are turned on in order that proper function is restored.

Most health challenges are the result of the systems of the body not functioning as they should. They can only do the job if they have all the simple sugars that are required to enable the cell to cell communicators to send the proper messages out and get the proper response. In the normal diet we normally only get two of the eight that we require. These sugars are contained in fruits and vegetables and we can not eat enough to maintain our body Systems. Some of these systems are the Digestive system, the Endocrine system, the Immune system,the Lymphatic system to name but a few. If these systems are not operating then our health and wellness is jeopardized.

In this day and age it is questionable that we are getting the all the proper fuel that we need. According to studies that I have read the nutritional value of the grains and fruits that we eat has gone down as much a 67%. If this is true and I believe it to be so then how do we expect our bodies to function and heal itself? This is were supplements come in to the picture. Supplement should be plant based so the the body can utilize them. They should contain the eight essential sugars that are required for cell to cell communication and they should not be synthetic.Your body will recognize plant based material, it will have a hard time recognizing synthetic products.

With this in mind then read the label as too the source of the ingredients. See if that product uses best manufacturing practices. Lastly make sure that the printed dosage is actually in the product.

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