10 Novel Ways To Keep Healthy Amazing

Health is a basic human right, it is the most valuable asset of our human. Health is the basement of our life; health is an important aspect of human self-awareness; health is the best state for life. So we should love ourselves and try our best to keep fit.

Today I will teach you some ways to keep fit. These ways are easy but you really can benefit a lot.

1, regular comb your hair, be natural and gentle. You can do this from the head and gently comb the front to the rear, repeatedly do this for 36 times. It can prevent high blood pressure, dizziness, headache and increase intelligence.

2, Move your eyes slowly from the left to right, up and down, continued do it for 18 times. It can prevent Myopia and improve vision.

3, Constant rubbing the nose with both hands and the middle finger, place your finger on the nose, gently run it for 48 times. It can prevent a cold and rhinitis.

4, constantly knock your teeth for 48 times. It can prevent dental problems and improve intelligence.

5, Stir tongue light, put it outside of the teeth, do it for 9 times. It can improve language skills, increase saliva.

6, Often raise your head, repeated 24 times. It can prevent cervical disease, dizziness and headache.

7, Regularly touch your chest 24 times. It can prevent disease, heart disease, depression.

8, Make your shoulder often swings upward, forwards backward, downward and continued shaking 20 times. It can prevent and control the bursitis in shoulder.

9, Often bend your knees slightly, repeated do it for 20 times. It can prevent and control the gonitis, strengthens the lower limb myodynamia.

10, Often jolts two heels, do it for 7 – 10 times repeatedly. It can prevent and control many kinds of chronic illness, enhances the physical strength, the intelligence.

This is my experience, I hope you can benefit a lot. May be you will think that it is unbelievable. But I will tell you that it is true. Keep healthy is very important, let us move on.

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