Tips To Save Your Marriage

You have just broken up with your partner. You have realized that you still need him/her in your life and you start looking for ways to get your partner back. What steps should you follow?



First of all you need to give your partner space. If you are constantly around them breathing down their neck it isn’t going to help to save the marriage one bit. So what should you do? Break off contact with your ex. Treat the separation like a separation. Go on with your life and enjoy the time you have to yourself. Go out with friends and meet new people, the time away will do you a world of good. You should give your partner a month without contacting them; this is essential if you want to save your marriage. You want them to see what life is like away from you and hopefully this will be a good thing. Be sure to also let them know that you are having a good time with the separation and you are doing fine. This will lead them to rethink everything knowing that you aren’t going to come running whenever they decide to call you.


Take the month to explore your feelings and figure out what you want in your relationship. If you find that your heart still wants your Ex then you need to use this time to improve yourself. Maybe you gained some weight since you first met or maybe you should enroll in school so that you can get a better job. You need to make them see what they saw when they first met you so that they will want to save your marriage and get on the same path as you.


Separation is not a good thing in a relationship but it may be the best thing for a couple when they are trying to save their marriage. Good luck and go save your marriage.



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