Get a Longer Lasting Manicure

Manicures can be costly and take time to do, so how can you get them to last? By making a few changes to your nail routine your manicure will last longer.

Don’t use nail polish. Nail polish is just one small part of a manicure, even if it is the thing you notice first. To have your manicure last longer, give the polish miss. If your nails look healthy underneath a natural color is stylish. Instead of painting your nails why not have them buffed. You don’t need to wait for them to dry, and you won’t have any chipped nail polish to fix after your manicure. This will certainly save time.

Base coat and top coat. If you can’t do without nail polish then get a good base and top coat. Base coat acts as a primer which helps the nail color stick to your nails longer, and the top coat acts to stop chipping. With two layers of clear coat, your nails will be stronger, and they will be less likely to chip. This way you can go even longer without seeking another manicure.

Re do the top coat. You can still re-apply at home even if you had your manicure done at a salon. The top coat is the key factor to keeping your manicure looking fresh. Just re-apply a base and a top coat at home. Doing this will keep your nail color true and flawless.

Moisturize. In the week after your manicure, make sure you keep your hands and fingernails moisturized. Your hands will feel soft and supple, and help you to stop wanting to get that same feeling from the manicure salon every week. The extra moisture is also good for your cuticles. Use a hand and nail cream often to make your manicure last. Also think about doing an intensive moisture treatment on your hands every now and again, using gloves. You can buy cotton gloves at pharmacies which are made for the purpose of being worn all night over moisturized hands. Doing this even just once a week, will make you feel pampered and help your manicure to last much longer.

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