Do it Yourself Saunas – For Glowing Healthy Skin

We’re all aware of the benefits of sitting in a steaming sauna, many of us fantasize about this very act on those cold winter mornings while we’re on our way to work. Aside from getting warm, a sauna is filled with hot steam which causes you to sweat and opens your pores. When your pores are wide open you are better able to remove dirt and impurities from your skin. This deep cleansing action gives your skin a healthy glow, stimulates blood flow to the surface of your skin because of the heat and clears your sinuses.

Saunas are not just great for your body though, they’re also great for your face and if your skin is too sensitive for exfoliant scrubs then a facial sauna can work almost as well in making your skin look healthy and soft. The skin on your face is considerably thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body and so it requires less time in a sauna to see results. You can in fact have just a facial sauna there are professional products you can purchase that work just for this purpose or you can make one out of things you already have in your house. A pot of boiling water and a towel can work just as well as an overly expensive face spa designed specifically for this purpose.

To make yourself a simple facial spa – you simply boil a pot of water and throw a towel over your head and shoulders and the pot, hold your face over the steaming liquid for approximately ten seconds or so. Then remove the towel and allow the cooler air to circulate for ten seconds again before returning to the steam. For even better results you can add essential oils like tea tree oil which is a natural cleanser to the water so the steam will be filled with this healthy oil. Repeat the procedure for seven or so minutes and you will find your skin smooth, glowing and supple.

Once you are finished with your facial sauna, you may want to use a gentle exfoliant since all that dirt has already been loosened scrubbing it off should be easy. If your skin is too sensitive for an exfoliating scrub then a gentle cleanser would be your better bet. After cleansing you want to use a moisturizer with an oil base to seal in the moisture in your skin. The best part is that you’ll have to wear less makeup and will be a lot happier with your skin once you keep regularly having facial saunas.

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