Active Manuka Honey – For Healthy and Glowing Skin!

One of the most exciting natural ingredients is active manuka honey. Even though you might come across a few manuka honey products yourself it’s important to understand why it’s so important to the skin. Whether you’re looking for a good deep cleansing to remove toxins or need a little hydration, this is the place to be.

What is it?

Active manuka honey comes from New Zealand, which offers an interesting approach to gaining this natural ingredient. Professional beekeepers gather hives around the area, and then set them within Manuka bushes around the land. Over a period of time the honey is produced, and then the rest is history.  We’ve been using this for years, but it has only gained popularity in the states most recently.

By itself, active manuka honey is used against various health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn, ulcers, scars, and several others. You can actually take this natural ingredient as a supplement, but in the skin world it’s used externally. By itself it is beneficial, but when it’s formulated with certain other natural ingredients, it brings about a whole new innovation to skin care.

The Other Ingredients

Most of the manuka honey products you see today are specifically combined with other ingredients to provide you with more benefits. However, when it comes to a deep cleansing treatment for the skin you also need Kaolin, Bentone gel, Macadamia oil, Allantoin, Shea butter, and a few others like Cynergy TK™.

In today’s world, Cynergy TK™ is considered to be the new ‘miracle’ anti-aging ingredient. Since the skin loses it’s collagen as we age, the only way to keep that young looking skin is by being able to maintain a healthy amount. Collagen along with elastin, work together to allow your skin the firmness it deserves, and reduce those aging wrinkles.

So not only are you able to remove toxins with a deep cleansing treatment with the active manuka honey and other ingredients, you can also keep your wrinkles at bay. Then of course we can’t forget that when all these ingredients work together, they absorb the excess skin oil and dirt. In the end it makes you feel refreshed, and your skin looking like new.

Trading in a Mask for Hydration

Even though this can rinse off easily, it’s understood that some individuals (maybe you) don’t care for the usual facial mask  treatments. Unless you’re home alone it can be embarrassing, which is why many people are turning to a deep active hydrating mask. Yes, it’s still a mask, but after the process is over it will absorb into your skin!

You won’t have to worry about looking like a Smurf or the Incredible Hulk for 20-30 minutes. It’s a great alternative with many of the same benefits. This option also offers active manuka honey as well. However, this type of mask adds Rigin to the mix, which is medically known to hydrate the skin. 

You can also find a deep active cleansing mask, that also contains active manuka honey, for an added bonus when used alternately with the hydrating mask. The decision is up to you, and it’s important to understand that while active manuka honey and manuka honey products can be beneficial, when they’re combined with the other ingredients as mentioned here, they can be unbelievable! 

Ann Parker is a researcher, educator, and believer of keeping skin looking young, vibrant, and glowing with all natural ingredients. Visit her web site today to learn about the clinically proven ingredients the big brands don’t want you to know.

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