Features of Banners in Daily Life

In general, banner is a flag that comprises different signs, symbols, and slogans publishing the details regarding a product or organization to the public. Banner signs are placed often in shopping areas and in stadiums where people assemble in more number.

Most of the banners are digitally printed by large inkjet printers which are capable of printing a full color outdoor billboard in a single piece of material. The commonly used banners are built with a material called heavy weight vinyl technically known as the (poly vinyl chloride) PVC. The different banner weight, substrates from as light as nine ounces to heavy as twenty two ounces per square yard that may be single or double sided. The banners are hanged using the grommets and banners that covers large buildings are printed specially with mesh material, allowing the wind to pass through.

Custom Vinyl Banners:

Custom vinyl printed banners are cost effective and of high visibility. Therefore it’s said that, full color banners makes the messages to stand out. The vinyl signs lettering are most probably used in storefronts, windows and in vehicles like sedans, race cars, trucks, SUVs. The graphics made on vehicles looks great for boats, watercrafts and snowmobiles. Thus, once applied these letters resembles to be like paint and last ever longer than paint.

The vinyl lettered stickers can be easily removed without causing any damage to the vehicle even after installation. These letterings come with easy instructions, practice decal and applied in one piece. Hence the letterings are clearly spaced and cut down downed clearly to have a professional look. Any message can be designed and applied to the smooth surface using the vinyl coloring. Also the banners can be easily ordered in online, by choosing thousands of fonts, signs and colors to their needs.

Vinyl lettered banners includes the custom lettering of any signs, fonts and variety of colors. The vinyl lettered banners are produced by a computer driven vinyl cutter which is applied individually to the element cut from self adhesive vinyl. These banners are almost used in indoors and outdoors, since quality banners lasts for years. Lettered vinyl banners are used everywhere in businesses that enhances the brand recognition and a grant advertisement to the public.

Different Types:

The custom vinyl banners are of various types, including the digitally printed banners that provide better resistance against bad weather and the banners are printed using the aqueous, semi-solvent and solvent based inks. Computer controlled spray jets are used to produce large banners and hence, the ink is directly sprayed to the banner material. The leading companies like Xerox, Kodak, Encad and Colorspan manufacture inkjet printers of wide range, that capable of printing up to 1,600 square foot in an hour. Screen printing is another type of vinyl banner in which different colors are applied using stencils one at a time. Banners can also be painted and lettered by hand and these types of banners are uncommon in this advent modern painting.

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