How to Lose Stomach Fat in Men – 3 Simple Tips From the Expert That Explain How to Lose Stomach Fat

If you’re tired of trying multiple method on how to lose stomach fat in men, then you should read this article, which provide the 3 simple proven tips from the leading expert that will help you to lose stomach fat.

The confusion about tips given by most weight loss product that eating low fat can help you to lose weight is actually a wrong concept. There is no reason to eliminate or limit your consumption of any one food group calories type, which consists of protein, carbs, and fat. Restrictive diets will always fail at some point. As long you eat the right kinds of fat without overdoing the quantity, then you can create a lean health body as well get rid off the belly fat.

Tips #1 – Processing foods is the key factor

Most food supply these days are high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – a artificial sweetened product that frequently on the market today and trans fat, which are very harmful to our bodies. The manufacturers are tend to maximize their profit without concern of consumer’s health.
These products also promote fat storage and increase your belly fat. If you’re serious about losing belly fat and maintaining a lean and healthy body, you must avoid these two products as much as possible, if not altogether.

You can avoid such product by avoid buying processed foods and choose natural foods or unprocessed foods.

Tips #2 – Eating the right foods

Below are some of foods recommended by experts that help to lose stomach fat in men and promote a lean healthy body:-

Vegetables and fruits
Lean white and red meats or fish
Low-fat or fat-free dairy
Eggs and egg whites
Whole unrefined grains and whole grain bread,
High fiber cereals and non hydrogenated minimally processed oils (such as extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, and virgin coconut oil).

Warning: Avoid drinking fruit juices, since fruits are meant to eat as whole. They includes fiber and other beneficial nutrients instead of drinking juice, which have extra calories.

Tips #3 – Choosing the right workout

Many people does not realize that the routine cardio workouts are not the effective way to lose weight compared to other workouts like cycling and weight training.
You end up burning more calories since a large amount of muscle has been traumatized during the cycling or weight training workouts. Your body need extra calories to repair the damage muscles.

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