Is Getting Lutein 20 Mg Daily Sufficient For Good Eye Health?

The answer to the question “Is getting a lutein 20 mg daily dosage sufficient for good eye health?” is: it depends on the individual. One needs to consider the recommended daily dose. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF) have a recommended range of 6 to 30 mg daily. Hence getting a lutein 20mg daily dose is within the range but may not be sufficient if one’s requirement is at the upper end.

So how does one get their daily requirement then? The diet is an obvious source. Foods that are among the richest per cooked (not raw) serving include kale (17mg), turnip greens (9mg), collards (8.6mg) and spinach (6.7mg).

None of these servings alone would provide the lutein 20 mg dosage although they meet the minimum of 6mg. Also if it is taken as part of the diet, there needs to be some oil in the meal – perhaps olive oil used somewhere during the preparation – to make sure the macular pigments are absorbed since they are not soluble in water.

The other option is to get it via a nutritional supplement. This has the advantage that one knows the precise amount that one is getting. The minimum amount has to be at least 6 mg and the maximum can be more than 30 mg to cater for the absorption. I am aware of a supplement that provides 50 mg of lutein within its formulation: this caters for even the highest of needs.

It is best to get a multi-ingredient supplement rather than a single nutrient formulation. The reason is that all the ingredients will work synergistically together to provide the best effect. Such a formulation will also need to include zeaxanthin in order to meet the full needs of vision support.

Again good products are available that contain a wide range of ingredients.  One that I am aware of contains at least 90 ingredients that include ginko biloba, resveratrol, trace elements, policosanol, lycopene, multi-vitamins and many others. Again the synergistic effect will come into effect here because of the availability of other antioxidants which will support the macular pigment ones.

There is more to learn about this especially about the multi-ingredient supplement that exceeds the lutein 20 mg dosage and not only caters for vision but also for premature aging, heart health, immune function, brain function and many other aspects that make up for good health. If you would like to know more, please visit my website today.

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