The Importance of Well-Fitting Shoes in Childhood

Many parents find buying their children shoes a daunting and difficult task, frequently, accompanied by a tantrum, or two.  Not only do shoes have to be exceptionally comfortable – to avoid the ‘I want a carry’ demand often issued by children with painful feet – but they must be fashionable and well liked by the child too.

Enter any shoe shop on a Saturday afternoon and it is common to see a few tantrums being thrown…by children and parents alike!  Parents want to make sure that shoes are practical, children often care only how pretty, or fun the shoes are.  Not many brands have spent so much time as Lelli Kelly to ensure that they provide shoes that have optimal comfort, are supremely safe, and that are incredibly attractive to children as well.  Their shoes create the perfect balance between the needs of the parents and the tastes of the children – indeed, upon purchasing this brand of shoes; many children will feel they somehow got the upper hand, because they have finally walked out of a shoe shop with a pair of shoes they love.

Manufacturers of children’s shoes need to be particularly careful about their design and production remits.  This is because the shoes that people wear in childhood affect the well-being of feet in adulthood.  A child that consistently wears ill-fitting shoes, will find, as they grow older, that they may experience many problems.  Problems that can arise from wearing shoes that do not offer sufficient protection as a child includes: corns, bunions, in growing toenails, back-pain, and strange gait.  Placing undue pressure on one area of the foot – apparent in adults when looking at the tread of a shoe, some areas of the sole appear more worn than the equivalent area on the other foot – frequently results from ill-fitting shoes in childhood!  A decent manufacturer of children’s footwear understands these issues and endeavours to create the perfect fitting shoes.

Lelli Kelly is one such manufacturer, and their shoes provide much more by way of foot health, than simply a good fit.  They are extremely innovative in their designs, both the outward appearance and the inherent internal structure.  For instance, they use a particular insole that has been proven to absorb perspiration, these soles have a gel core which acts to retain moisture, keeping it away from the rest of the shoe (thus ensuring that shoes are long lasting), and more essentially, away from the child’s feet.  The moisture captured by the gel, slowly evaporates through strategically placed holes, then, once the child removes the shoe at the end of the day, the moisture dissipates entirely.

As a design of footwear, tailored towards the needs of children, Lelli Kelly have excelled.  Not only do their shoes boast a fantastic safety and protection record, they are also extremely attractive, coming in an incredible array of materials, colours, styles, and design; so much so in fact, that they will have you longing to be a child again in no time at all.  

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